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April Update!

April showers brings May flowers... But actually, the amount of rain we've had so far in April has been minimal. Instead, it's all sunshine! Which is fabulous when you're in lockdown because the tan we'll all have will LOOK like we've been on a gorgeous two week holiday.

So, now I've mumbled on about the weather - This blog post is going to be dedicated to the opportunities that actors and writers can apply to at the moment. Some have a cash incentive, others for their publication value and some... just for fun.

1. Bitter Pill Theatre's Script Submission


These guys are looking for scripts written after March 20th, up to two characters/actors and should be between 500 - 1500 words length.

£150 upfront prize money for the winning script.

Deadline: 24th of April, 10pm.

More info on their website.

2. Out The Attic's Social Distancing Monologue Submission for Instagram


Folks at Out The Attic are taking on recorded monologue submissions for their weekly "Storyteller Social" where they will post their chosen videos to their Instagram page.

This brings good exposure for budding actors, perhaps a good thing to include on your CV and a proactive thing to pass the time, at least.

I believe they are particularly interested in new work, but I've seen they also take on solo videos for musical artists too.

Deadline: Changes weekly.

More info on their Instagram page.

3. Hive South Yorkshire's Home Front Non-Fiction Commission


Hive South Yorkshire are looking for pitches from 15-30 year olds in the South Yorkshire region for a non-fiction commission on life inside lockdown and a post-covid19 world.

They iterate that the pitch for the work does not have to straight-forwardly address this and are looking for tons of out of the box ideas that they fully detail on their website.

Deadline: 27th of April.

More info on their website

4. Growing Pains Productions' "The Isolated Creative" Monologue/Dance/Song Call Out


On their Instagram page boasts a new opportunity for actors to record a monologue, song, dance of originality or done in your own rendition for their "Inspire" theme. You'll be seen by industry professionals and they raise money for NHS workers through this.

Deadline: 26th of April

More info on their Instagram page.

5. Cream Faced Loons Audition for King Lear


A fantastic Shakespeare-speaking, loon-acting and beyond talented Manchester based group the "Cream Faced Loons" are looking for virtual monologue auditions to be part of a cast to perform King Lear.

Deadline: 24th of April

More info on their website

Opportunities are popping up all the time for creatives in lockdown and with another three weeks of isolation ahead, there's plenty to get stuck in to. Just don't miss the deadlines, they're coming up faster than you think.

"But, what have you been doing, Melanie?", I hear you ask so intently. Well, I have been writing a lot, editing a lot, it's been a good time for me with my work. There's a weekly group I submit my scripts to for feedback and this has been working tremendously!

I also regularly Zoom Call a script reading group full of Sheffield creatives and we read a few plays a week, from Ibsen to brand spanking new work, it's a lovely little group of people I otherwise wouldn't have met. Last night we read "The Odd Couple" and I had a lot of fun.

I may have a lil performance come out of the end of this lockdown thanks to script reading with these guys, it's something I've done before (hint hint) but I'm very excited to get the ball rolling on this and hopefully premiere it in October (Corona-permitting).

To take the edge off of this isolation funk I've also been creating TikToks, I can now see how addictive it is. The people on there are hilarious! I really enjoy doing the before vs after makeup challenges. Although, taking it off afterwards is probably the most disappointing part!

Hope you find the above links useful and keep checking back for more... MEL-O-DRAMA.

You'd think with all this time on my hands I'd be able to think of a better catchphrase huh?