• melaniejhopkins

End of March Update!

Wow, has this last month took a TURN or what?! It's as if life just threw in a plot twist but worse... a pandemic.

It's safe to say that all my plans in the last month's blog post have come to a grinding halt. Which is very annoying to say the least, however, I have been combatting this by making videos and you can find my first one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj7BlaNVYPc

There are a few groups and isolation-relevant events that have popped up out of all this chaos and brought a lot of creativity, kindness and beauty out of all this darkness, which I've listed below.


Sheffield Community Kindness Facebook Page

This beautiful page sprung up almost instantly after everything got real and has been a god send to a lot of people in Sheffield and surrounding areas. If you need people to bring you food or any essentials, these people are so happy to help and offer any advice, it's truly magical.

Lockdown Creatives Facebook Page

A few local creatives got together and created a page to share writing, art, videos and ask for feedback. It's 100+ people strong and growing, so if you need a place to share of get advice, join this group and share anyway.

Arts At The Arms Submission Window Extension (30th of April)

This well known new writing performance night in Leeds has opened their script submission out for longer so writers, grab your pens, paper and laptop and submit your chosen piece before the end of April. Details should be on their Instagram page: @arts_at_the_arms

Quarantined Theatre Company Script Submission (20th of April)

These guys are asking for any finished one act or full length plays or musicals to add as a featured script on their live streamed readings. Their submission window is a tad smaller than a few other creatives, but what a chance to get your work performed and viewed by so many people.

BBC Short Film Scripts about Isolation

There's news that the BBC are looking for short film scripts about isolation to be submitted to them to be turned into real life short films. It's a feeling I'm sure a lot of people relate to at this time and what a great way to turn something not nice into something nice.

Barnsley Civic and CAST Doncaster Newsletters

If you can and want to, join the newsletters for these amazing local theatres and see some of their resources, online art galleries and performances they can offer and fun activities could be on the cards.

Hope these helped a few people to stay involved, productive and keep doing fun things in these difficult times. I know I'll be submitting to a few of these!

I'm unsure about making more videos as it seems that my wisdom teeth are starting to come down and these are cutting my cheeks up pretty bad so it's difficult to speak sometimes without pain, we'll see how I get on, maybe I can manage a few more!

Catch you on the next April blog post where hopefully the situation will be a lot better than what we find ourself in now. :)