• melaniejhopkins

"In This World" SHU Review

"In This World" is set in a head teacher's office, while two school girls impatiently await the teacher for punishment of a fight that took place. Here they battle on their moral differences, reveal dark secrets and ultimately develop a genuine friendship.

Bijou, played by Felicity Dunning-Bourne, is the typical middle-class daughter to parents who busily jet off on short notice. She mentions her mother is a lawyer and how lonely her life can be and despite having lots of friends, Neyssa is her only real one. Felicity's performance stuck out to me as a very spoilt young girl, someone who always gets her way and isn't used to such a culture clash as what she encounters with Neyssa. Although abrasive and stubborn at first, Felicity showed that Bijou had a heart and came to accept Neyssa and admire her courage after she reveals her dark secret.

Neyssa, played by Krysia Janeczek portrays a Jamaican outcast who struggles to accept Bijou's budding romance with her cousin. Neyssa talks of how her home life and customs there are completely different to the whirlwind of (I'm guessing Canadian/American?) society. She spits venom at Bijou in forms of insults that degrade her sexuality; (whore, slut). Although Bijou's romance is not what is actually bothering her, she blames Bijou for the injustices she has faced while being in her company, leading to a big reveal and quite an emotional moment for Neyssa.

Favourites of the scene (without mentioning too many spoilers) are the continuous movement and use of such a small intimate space, especially when Bijou tries to escape during the more tense moments. I really liked how the chairs were positioned to mimic an interrogation but with enough space to symbolise their differences and how they drive them both apart. I would be very intrigued to see what happens after this scene and whether Neyssa and Bijou remain close.