• melaniejhopkins

January Update Pt 1.

Well, we're in the first two weeks of 2020 and things seem to be off to a slow start.

Although it would be wrong to be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring or the emails to flood in because as an actor, you HAVE to be proactive and keep creating, it does feel like that's all I can really do until events are confirmed.

One thing I CAN confirm is that I will be premiering my new solo show: #InstaEarth in May at Theatre Deli, Sheffield at their infamous Scratch Night! This to me is very exciting and I'm in the midst of being inspired and creating and refining and scrapping as we [I] speak.

Here's a concise intro to get you all warmed up:

"World's dying? Post a selfie! Go on live and record yourself recycling. It's all relative. #InstaEarth is trending. This toxic and self-reflective one woman show is about questioning how you use social media and the f**** everyone gives about Planet Earth. It's promised you'll be thoroughly entertained as well as feel invigorated, or y'know, not."

I also recently applied for an internship with Sheffield Hallam after graduating last year and saw a few places that I could do it at. I was immediately interested when I saw that one of those was a theatre! I feel I can't say which one as there isn't an official start date yet but we're working on it... Watch. This. Blog.

Going for afternoon walks on the trails near where I live has allowed me to do two things. One: Record some kickass footage for my new show (#InstaEarth) and Two: See the immense amount of plastic waste and rubbish dumped into our canals and rivers. It breaks my heart as we are lucky to be surrounded by such lovely countryside and some people want to ruin that. So, I took it on myself to inform Derbyshire County Council and now they are going to do something about it! I just hope that it won't pile up again and offenders will be able to rethink the damage they are doing to our wildlife.

Check my Instagram to see the video I made of the disgusting plastic-filled trails: @bulletproofmelanie

So, I believe this is all I can really tell at the moment. I'm going to do a Pt 2 blog post to promote my creative friends' work! It's important to share other artists' endeavours as much as it is your own.

See you at the next one for more... MEL-O-DRAMA.

One day I'll get tired of typing that, but not yet.