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May Update!

With lockdown being extended by another three weeks, which let's be honest we all saw coming, also brings around more exciting opportunities to get involved with online.

And I've made a handy lists of ones that I have spotted for actors/writers here:

1. Rapid Reel - Monologue in Minutes @ReelRapid (Twitter)

A writing and self taping challenge for creatives to get stuck in. Writers are given a subject matter and given three hours to write a monologue around this subject. It is then distributed to actors who have a limited amount of time (three hours/days, I think) to record the monologue and post, tagging the page. Actors and writers can sign up via form on their Twitter profile *Please read all t&cs, more info given than what is documented here

2. Do or Die Studios @DoorDieStudios (Twitter)

An acting competition judged by various professional creatives in the industry. Actors purchase tickets to take part and then are sent independently written scripts to choose from and record. Actors then record their pieces and send back on the deadline and various winners are chosen. The winner then receives a cash prize. *Please read all t&cs, more info given than what is documented here

3. The Actors Planet @TheActorsPlanet (Twitter)

The guys at Actors Planet set up a competition for actors to record a monologue of their choice on any subject with sights to stand out to the judges. Judged by a small panel, winners will receive various set packages involving top casting directors and more. *Please read all t&cs, more info given than what is documented here

4. Reimagine Project - Derby Theatre

Check out Derby Theatre's Facebook page for a call out on creative responses to re-imagining 2020. Responses could be in the form of performance, art, photography, poetry, dance, song or a short film of up to 2 minutes (including TikToks). All submissions will go towards a collective digital creation shared across Derby Theatre social media channels. A good way to get noticed?

5. BBC Lockdown Upload - BBC Radio

BBC Radio stations are looking for video/audio submissions to broadcast and potentially become part of a special archive at the British Library. Submit your work through the BBC Upload website: bbc.co.uk/upload

That's all for now, keep checking back for my monthly blog posts and be sure to follow me on social media. Priority posts are mostly on Instagram and Twitter with full length videos uploaded to YouTube.

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