• melaniejhopkins

"September In The Rain" SHU Review

"September In The Rain" is a heartfelt and comedic nostalgia trip from an old couple who venture to Blackpool on their 'jollies', telling us the highs and lows of their romance.

Jack and Liz are from the heart of the UK; Yorkshire! Liz played by Emily Kitteringham and Jack played by Josh Schofield gave a very convincing performance as a grounded and comfortable couple that bicker, make up and are always by each other's side whatever the weather. (Get it?)

Liz (Emily) was a very fussy yet likeable woman, she liked enjoying the sunshine and very much wanted Jack to appreciate the fine things as she does. Emily is known for playing this kind of character and excelled once again in this role. The way she used her voice was high pitched yet quite melodious, and varied her expressions massively. She clung to Jack's side in scenes of jumping the waves and being at the top of the Blackpool tower, which further showed her love for Jack. She also engaged in a few role swaps as other characters and my favourite moment from her was when she was relaxing on the beach, her effortless enthusiasm really sold it and although it was a very small moment in such a eventful play, it stuck out that she was more than comfortable in this character.

Jack (Josh) was a typical Yorkshireman. Ridiculously stubborn, (can definitely think of a few of my family that have this quality) valuing his privacy and always wanting his own way, because to him, that was the best way! I really enjoyed the use of his husky and deep Yorkshire accent to further the character, but also his stage presence was very natural, nothing seemed forced and everything he did seemed like he'd been doing it for years. He also had his fair share of role swapping and comedic moments. The deck chair scene made me especially laugh!

The set was especially great with a line of sand covering the front of the stage, decorated with sandcastles, shells and all sorts of beachy things, they used every inch for a ton of different locations, to which the suitcases and other pieces of large props really came in handy! I felt by the end of the show, I'd known these two characters all my life.