• melaniejhopkins

SOSFEST 2019 - A Reflection

SOSFEST 2019 was my first ever theatre festival that I ran. I directed, produced, marketed, acted, stage handed, backstage managed and even wrote three of the scenes that premiered on March 14th.

I had some great support from people on the course as well as the very generous patrons who made this whole thing happen. I really felt that I set up a professional platform for actors and as soon as the show was over, I already had people asking me about next year's production.

It was amazing to be able to bring so many different people together, but it definitely had it's struggles. It was a lot of pressure to handle on one person's shoulders and I wish I had a bigger team behind me. But that's what the experience was for and next year, I know what went wrong and can learn from it!

The positives;

Actors got paid,

We got £175 public funding,

We put on 7 great and varied scenes

I went on the radio to promote the whole thing: http://www.sheffieldlive.org/mp3/201903011300101.mp3

We got a cool website: sosfest2019.wixsite.com/findoutmore

We had a good turn out and made a decent profit,

I met some very cool people,

Everyone had a good time.

SOSFEST 2020...

Well, it's gonna be bigger and better than ever before. It's gonna run over three nights, it's gonna have it's own themed writing nights, we're taking on writing from ALL forms and from Northern writers and performers and we're gonna do it in March 2020!

If you want to get involved in submitting work, being on the team or anything in between just email; sosfest2019@gmail.com otherwise, keep them peepers peeled for more info....