• melaniejhopkins

"The Tempest" SHU Review

The Tempest, thought of to be one of Shakespeare's last works (or so I've been told) and Green Production's contemporary version was their first production to grace the Performance Lab this month.

Charmaine Lambert and Kiera Rhodes worked tirelessly to bring this classic tale to life, Charmaine directing and co-choreographing, as well as Kiera producing, co-choreographing and tech-ing on the night! Not to mention the amazing marketing and photography by Ai Narapol. These three lovely ladies have taken it all on and proved that Green Productions are an up-and-coming company to watch out for on the Sheffield theatre scene!

The first thing audience members set their eyes upon was a movement based and sound heavy scene of a ship's crew tussling the heavy weather and waves at sea. It immediately set the scene and transported us into another world. I loved this and thought it was so cleverly executed, with ropes integrated nicely hanging from the metal frameworks. Suzie Ford (Ariel) made her first dance moment in this scene. It was very powerful and profound, as she controlled the ship's turmoil.

Suzie is someone I have to praise in this production as her charm, wit and comedy all shined through her character bringing a breath of fresh air into the role. Her fluidity in movement was exciting to watch and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her!

Matt Skelton was also hilariously funny in his role as Stefan. He never once came out of his drunkard (yet lovable!) character and he really heightened the energy in the scenes he was in. Even un-planned moments, he rose to the audience's laughter and kept it going.

Michelle Kelly as Miranda was so effortlessly ethereal and had a elegant air to her step every time she walked. Full of grace and love for her beau Ferdinand, played by Euan Irving. His innocence and childlike curiosity was enjoyable to watch!

Maisie Bamford as Prospero wowed us with her stage presence and I would have loved to have seen more of her in the second act. Her stance was commanding and her voice authoritative, presenting a strong feminine spirit to the whole piece.

Every single character on stage embodied their role and gave a great rendition to a classic Shakespearian play. I really liked the set and thought characters interacted with this very well. I also really liked Ariel scattering rose petals around Miranda and Ferdinand as they played cards centre stage, a small yet nice touch.

I hope to see more from you guys in the future!